Rumi Programs - 2018


Hands-on experiences of Rumi's life and work.

Study Groups

Teachers, psychologists, philosophical researchers, artists, writers, as well as religious and health practitioners meet weekly for six weeks to study Rumi's masterpiece, the Mathnawi. [TBA]


A more intensive introduction to the teachings of Rumi, his life and poetry. These are offered at retreat and conference centers and can be arranged for specific sites and audiences.


Classes are held at universities, retreat centers, and other educational institutions to introduce students to Rumi's teachings. Courses on Rumi's poetry are also offered to a wider audience through continuing education programs and senior citizen organizations.

Online Courses (in development)

For those who wish to learn at their own pace, courses are available on the internet. For more information visit our page on Online Courses. We are currently fundraising to develop our first online course, visit our donation page to offer support.

Informational Products

The Rumi Educational Center also offers workbooks and CD's to support and further the student's study and exploration.

Lectures and Presentations

These are offered in various locations and provide an opportunity for those who are new to Rumi and his invitation to explore the world within.


Contact us if you would like to host a fundraising event at your home or venue. 

For Groups, Organizations & Institutions

Note: Specific arrangements can be made to accommodate the interest and availability of groups, organizations, and institutions by contacting the Rumi Educational Center.