Wings of the Soul: Weekend Retreat

The mystical poetry of Jalal al Din Rumi takes us step by step within, allowing us to explore the hidden dimensions of our inward journey. Rumi’s poetry offers a universal path to self-discovery and healing, whatever our tradition of origin or current practice. His search for wisdom and transformation into Love will enliven our soul’s connection to the Holy and our ability to see the face of God in the human soul. 

During this weekend retreat, we will delve into Rumi’s vision and expression of his journey into Love. There will be time for journaling, dialogue, quiet walks in nature, and deep listening to your inner voice. 

This retreat workshop includes some gentle practices of yoga and meditation by Taran Collis. The program will provide practices to connect deeper to the heart opening wisdom of Rumi, and to embody this divinity at the somatic level for the wellbeing of our communities and the world.

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