Rumi's poetry can be an enormously powerful tool of self-discovery and healing as an individual explores his or her world within. The wisdom of Rumi's teaching is hidden in the verses of his poetry. Teachings from the Mathnawi, Rumi's masterpiece, invite individuals to discover the hidden dimensions of their being and inner strength. His poetry and stories take one from the path of duality to the path of unity of body, mind and soul, leading readers step by step to meet the Divine within themselves - a journey toward enlightenment. 



Expansion of the Heart: Holiday Workshop

Sunday, February 11th, 2018, 1-4pm

In this course you will immerse yourself in the joy of creating handmade Valentine's Day cards, utilizing the vast ocean of beauty and wisdom of Rumi’s poetry as inspiration. You will learn explore colors and textures combined with words and poems that spark your heart. [MORE INFO]


Wings of the Soul: Weekend Retreat

The mystical poetry of Jalal al Din Rumi takes us step by step within, allowing us to explore the hidden dimensions of our inward journey. Rumi’s poetry offers a universal path to self-discovery and healing, whatever our tradition of origin or current practice. His search for wisdom and transformation into Love will enliven our soul’s connection to the Holy and our ability to see the face of God in the human soul. [MORE INFO]